A/B Test Campaigns: A/B Campaign Wizard Step 3: Content

Last Updated: Jan 31 2018 11:24 am UTC

Step 3: Content

The first part of Step 3 is to decide how you want to build the content for your email campaign. Content for email campaigns is built through templates. There are two options:

The Template Selector Window is divided into six kinds of templates:

Category—create a category for your templates. That way you will be able to find needed templates faster.

To move a template to a category click on the "+" and drag it to the right category.

  • Blank—these templates have areas that you can define with content and graphics.
  • Browse—these are the basic, pre-built templates that we provide with your subscription.
  • Custom Designs—these are specific, customized templates that you can purchase. You can click on one to see it in full size. To purchase one of the templates, or to request your own, customized template, send an email to hello@sendserver.net.
  • Import from URL—if you want to import a template, simply enter the URL and click the Import Button.
  • Archive Import—you can also import a template from an archive file (i.e., .zip, .tar, etc.) that is located on your computer. To import a template that is within an archive file, click the Upload Button to locate the archive file on your computer.
  • My Templates—if you have previously saved a template, you can find it here.

Once you have selected your template and entered your content, click on the Next Button to continue to Step 4 of the Campaign Wizard. Alternatively, you can also click the Change Template Button at anytime to change your template during Step 3 of the Wizard.

In addition to specifying your content, you can also:

  • Attach A file—click the on the Attach File link at the Options Tab to locate a file from your computer that will be sent with the content of email campaign.

  • Email Tests—the test message with the current content will be sent to the registered email address.

  • SpamScore Check—click on the SpamScore Check to run a Spam Assassin check against your email to determine your potential risk of being identified as spam.

Note: Maximum file attachment size is 10MB. One file has a limit of 2MB.

Click the Next Button to continue to step 4 which is covered in the support topic, “A/B Test Campaign Step 4: Delivery

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