Survey Reports: Analyzing Survey Results

Last Updated: Aug 18 2016 01:12 pm UTC

To analyze the results for any survey,

Click on the Survey Reports Option from the Surveys Menu. This will open the Survey Reports Window.

Click on the title of the survey to view the results. This will open the {Survey Title} Survey Reports Window.

 The top portion of the window displays statistics data about the survey:

  • Email invitations sent
  • Total number of complete surveys
  • Anonymous surveys completed—those surveys that were not completed by subscribers.

One the right you can choose to switch surveys or export as PDF or XLS file.

The rest of the report details the individual responses to questions by a number of replies and percentage of respondents.

You can see the list of respondents on the right. It works like a live feed, the list updates every time a new answer is submitted.

This window displays a list of:

  • Subscriber email—only if the respondent is a list subscriber
  • IP address—the IP address from which the respondent answered the survey questions
  • Response Date—the date the respondent completed the survey

You can also view an individual respondent's answers by clicking the appropriate View Results Link.

Finally, you can export your survey results by clicking on the Export Survey Results Link. For more information about this, see the support topic “Exporting Survey Results.”

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