Email Campaign Reports: Can I Export My Reports?

Last Updated: Jan 29 2018 07:43 pm UTC

We allow you to export your reports to Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel formats.

Note: Large lists will be exported as .csv

 There are two ways to export a report:

  • From the report list, roll your mouse over the report you want to export and click the Export Icon. This will save a Microsoft Excel version of the report to your computer.
Note: An email with a download link will be sent if the size of the file is above 10k.
  • From the Report Statistics Window, click on the Export PDF link to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF or the Export XLS Link to download a Microsoft Excel version.
Note: You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader to read the Adobe Acrobat PDF version of your report or a copy of Microsoft Office Excel to read the Excel version of your report.

Batch report export is also available. Click on "Export campaign reports" link.

Use the sorting option available and choose to export the file in PDF or XLS format.

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