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Last Updated: Oct 26 2017 11:03 am UTC

Toolbar sections

The editor toolbar is divided into several sections according to function groups. You can move them just by clicking on the names of the sections. Each section includes a specific group of functions. The toolbar contains the following sections: message, default text, text, blocks, images, options and plain text.

Toolbar section: Message
Create the message framework and set up background pictures and their sizes.

Toolbar section: Default text
Any changes made in this section will apply to the whole email template unless you make additional formatting. Default formatting is automatically applied to all the new blocks.

Toolbar section: Text formatting
Toolkit enabling text formatting and other options related to the text.

Toolbar section: Blocks
Add new blocks as well as format the existing ones.

Toolbar section: Images
Upload and add new images to the template, as well as format images: create a frame, margins, add a description.

Toolbar section: Additional options
This section enables additional options: social icons, message anti-spam testing, sending a test message, attaching files and other useful additional options.

Toolbar section: Plain-text
Add plain text version to your HTML letter.

In the new toolbar, there are also functions that are not included in any of sections:

  • Save
  • Undo/redo
  • Change HTML code
  • Email preview
  • Exact time when the last edits were saved

Dynamic toolbar

Usually, the email template is much longer than a computer screen, so it is necessary to use a scrollbar to look through the whole template. Unlike the previous editor where the toolbar remained on the top and was not accessible while editing the bottom part of the template, the new template editor has a dynamic toolbar which freezes on the top of the browsing window and remains accessible while editing the bottom part of the template. Therefore template editing is much easier, faster and comfortable.

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