Drag and Drop template editor: Image Requirements and Sizes

Last Updated: Oct 26 2017 11:07 am UTC

Follow our image requirements to avoid issues with an image uploading.

File size

We recommend keeping image file sizes less than 600 KB. Larger images will be automatically resized. For example, uploading an image that's more than 600 KB weight and more than 600 pixels wide, it will be automatically resized.

  • If you are using Image Carousel option and «Drag Image Here» method to upload an image, confirmation popup should appear:
The image you are uploading is too large, it should be less than 600KB in size and 600px in width. Do you want us to automatically resize the image and continue upload?

To continue with the image uploading click on «Continue» button and the image will be added in the Image Carousel.

  • If you are using File upload option and Moxie Manager to upload an image, it will be automatically resized and added in image gallery without your confirmation.

File format

When you upload images use PNG, JPG or JPEG format. You can upload GIF format if you need but keep in mind that the GIF image format has both limited color depth and a large file size in the non-animated form.

File name

Note: The title of the image cannot contain spaces or special symbols. Words can be separated with "-" or "_" for an image to be uploaded.

For example, if you are uploading an image with a file name that contains spaces and special symbols « image for uplo@ding», an error message should appear:

Some of the files failed to upload. Check the upload status of each file.

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