Email Campaign Merge Tags: Why Do I Get a Warning That Says That Merge Tags Are Missing?

Last Updated: Oct 26 2017 10:01 am UTC

Amongst other requirements, the CAN-SPAM ACT rules require the following to be included in all unsolicited marketing emails:

  • The name of the sender
  • The physical or postal address of the sender
  • An unsubscribe link or an option to unsubscribe

If an unsolicited marketing email does not include all these requirements, the sending account will be suspended or permanently blocked.  

By default, all email messages generated by our platform meet the requirements by including this information in the email footer. We use the following merge tags, which are populated with relevant data at the time of email delivery.

  • #[CAMPAIGN:SENDER_NAME]# - The name of the sender
  • #[LIST:ADDRESS]# - The full address of the sender
  • #[UNSUB]# - An unsubscribe link


If you get this message, you must add the missing merge tags to the email, typically in the footer of the email.

Note: The required information must be included in both the HTML and Plain Text versions of the email.

The missing Merge Tags can be added either manually or you can let our system add them.

To manually add the required merge tags to the email:

  • Open the email in an editor, and locate the mouse cursor where you want to insert a merge tag.
  • In the Editor toolbar, from the Merge tags dropdown list, select and insert the required merge tags.

To let our system to add the required tags:

When the warning appears, click Yes to answer the question: “Do you want us to add a required signature block at the bottom of the email?”. If you press Yes we add a signature block to the bottom of the email. The signature block includes the required merge tags.

Note: If you choose to let our platform add the required signature block to your email, the signature block will include additional links that are recommended, but are not required. You can delete the following links if you want:
  • Why am I receiving this email?
  • Update your profile

For details on these links, see Full List of Merge Tags.

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