Survey Reports: Exporting Survey Results

Last Updated: Aug 18 2016 01:12 pm UTC

To export your survey results as Microsoft .XLS or Adobe .PDF,

  • Click on the Survey Reports Option from the Surveys Menu. This will open the Survey Reports Window.
  • Click on the name of the survey to view the results.
  • Click on the Export Survey Results. This will reveal the Export Survey Results Panel.

Before you can export any results, you need to specify filters:

  • Type of match—select how the filter should be applied. Either “Match Any Rule (OR condition)” or “Match All Rules (AND condition)”
  • Filter results—each filter is a composite of multiple elements:
    • The question—use the drop-down to select a question.
    • The status—the second drop-down indicates the status of the question:
      • Has selected an answer
      • Has not chosen an answer
      • Has answered this question
      • Has not responded to this question
      • Has left a comment
      • Not commented
    • Answer—depending upon the question type, a third dropdown may become available listing the answer options.

To add more filters, click the + Icon. You can also remove filters by clicking on the – Icon next to the filter you no longer want.

When you are finished building the filters,

  • Select the export format you need by clicking the appropriate radio button for either Microsoft XLS or Adobe PDF.
  • Finally, click the Export Results Button.

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