Regular Email Campaigns: How Do I Test My Email Campaign Before Sending?

Last Updated: Aug 18 2016 10:21 am UTC

There are many ways how you can test and preview your campaigns.

One of the options is sending yourself a test email from Step 4 of the Campaign Wizzard. To send a test email:

  • Open your campaign
  • Navigate to Step 4: Content using the Campaign Wizard navigation bar.

Click on the Email Tests dropdown.

  • Choose the Send Test email option.
  • This will open another window where you will be able to add up to 5 email addresses to which a test email will be sent.
  • Click on Send Test Email button to send the test emails
Note: Merge tags, which you have inserted in the campaign, won't be displayed, as the test email isn't connected to any lists.

Another option how to test your emails is to preview them. Previewing emails can be done in two places:

Step 4 - the icons on the right-hand side, which display a cell phone, a tablet, and a computer. You can see how your campaign will look on any of the devices and check the responsiveness.

Step 5 - hover over the campaign preview and click on the email Email preview button. This will display your full campaign (With From: Name and Subject Line.

By clicking on the Show data button, all the merge tags, which have been added to the campaign, will be filled with information from your lists.

If you are interested how your email campaign will look like on the most popular email viewing services, you can use our Email Inbox Preview tool. Find more information about Email Inbox in our support article “What is Email Inbox Preview?

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