My Profile Information: How to Change Your Account Profile

Last Updated: Oct 26 2017 01:10 pm UTC

Your account profile represents information about you in our system. This information serves a variety of purposes including identification when sending emails, billing for your account, and more.

To modify your profile:

Select the Edit Profile Information option from the Profile Menu in the upper right-hand corner (accessed by clicking on your name). This will display your profile information.


 Your profile is divided into three areas:

  • Personal Information
  • Company Information
  • Preferences
  • Username & Password
  • Close Account

Personal Information

The Personal Information section is divided into following sections:

  • Profile Photo —  your profile photo
  • First Name—your first name
  • Last Name—your last name
  • Email Address—this is the email address to which notifications and other email sent from our system will be sent.
Note: This is the email address you used when you created your account. If you want to change this, you will need to verify the address by clicking on a link in the verification email sent to you by us.

Company information

The Company Information section includes information about you and your company or organization:

  • Company/Organization—the company or organization from which campaigns will be sent
  • Type of Company/Industry—use the drop down to select the industry most closely associated with the kind of work practiced by your organization
  • Company Size—use the drop down to select the closest size of your company
  • Office Phone—your office phone number with country and area code
  • Office Fax—your office fax number with country and area code
  • Website URL—the URL of your company or organization's website
  • Address—the street and number of your billing address
  • City—the city of your billing address
  • State/Province—the state or province of your billing address
  • Country—use the drop down to select the country of your billing address
  • Zip/Postal Code—enter your zip or postal code of your billing address


  • Time zone—use the drop down to select your time zone
  • Date format—use the drop-down to select the format of dates that you would like our system to use
  • Language — the language of your account
  • Notifications—check the appropriate boxes to receive email notifications from our system based on specific activities:
    • When an email campaign is sent
    • Calendar events
    • Email campaign summary report. For this option, you can use the drop down to select the number of hours after the campaign has ended that a summary email will be sent.

Click the Save Changes Button when finished.


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