Create And Import Your List: How to Import a Subscriber List

Last Updated: Jan 11 2018 07:38 am UTC

Importing Emails to a list is simple.

To import Subscribers:

Click on the desired list you want to upload emails to.

In the new window will be a button on the right right-hand which says Add subscribers. After clicking on the button, a dropdown will appear and you can choose one out of the three options:

  • One-by-One—it is a pop-up where you can manually add a subscriber by filling in the form fields
  • Upload File—here is where you can import contacts from a file like Microsoft Excel
  • Copy from Excel—here you can paste content from an Excel spreadsheet


To add subscribers one-by-one:

  • Choose the option from the dropdown.
  • Enter the contact information (email, name, surname are default) in the fields.
  • This subscriber does not have email — choose this box if you are uploading SMS subscribers (only phone numbers, without email address)
  • Send email confirmation request—this will send a confirmation email to each contact added. The contact will not be added until they have clicked on the link in the email to validate their email address.
Note: If you select the option for the user to receive a confirmation email, the contact will not be added to the subscriber list until they have clicked on the link in the subscription email to validate their email address.

Click the Add Subscriber Button to add the contact.

Note: You cannot add a subscriber which has already been added. An error message will display indicating a “duplicate email” if you enter an email address that is already subscribed to the list. We sort out duplicate emails for you.

Upload a File

 To upload contacts from a Microsoft Excel, .csv (Comma-Separated Variable), or .txt (Text) file,

  • Select the list to which to add a subscriber using the drop-down. This will determine the fields that need to be filled out.
  • Click the Browse Button to locate the file of subscribers on your hard drive

Specify settings for the upload:

  • First row is column headings—specify that the first row of your imported file has the field names.
  • Auto-update my existing list— If we find a list member with a matching email address in your import list and existing database, the system will update the member's information. Use this if you want to keep your existing list synced with an external list.
  • Add only SMS subscribers—this will import the contacts with a phone number only.

Next, click the Add Subscribers button at the bottom of the screen.

After the uploading processes have finished, you will need to map the fields from your Excel spreadsheet to the fields specified in your list.

To map each field,

Click on the Edit Link in the field column you wish to map

  • Use the drop-down to select the field to which you wish to map the data from your file upload. Alternatively, you can also create a new field (that will be added to your list) by selecting the --Add New Field-- Option, entering a name, selecting a field type using the drop-down, and clicking the Save Button.
  • You can also delete a field (for example, if you don't want or need the data in your list) by clicking the Delete Link.
  • If you have multiple unnamed columns in your list, you can quickly remove them all by clicking the Delete Unnamed Columns Link below the table.
  • When you are done, you must check the box indicating that the subscribers you are adding have agreed (i.e., opted-in) to receiving emails or SMS messages from you.
  • Finally, click the Import Now Button to finalize the upload.

Upon completion, our platform will display a confirmation message indicating the status of the upload. Confirmation messages can include successful importing of contacts as well as contacts not imported because they are duplicates. To view the list of successfully or unsuccessfully imported contacts, click the View link.

Note: The system only supports uploaded files of either .csv, .txt, or .xls formats.

Paste from Microsoft Excel

You can also paste data from Microsoft Excel or another comma-separated variable (CSV) file rather than uploading.

This functionality is identical to uploading a file with the exception that instead of locating a file to upload you simply copy-and-paste from the file into the window. When you have pasted your data and checked the appropriate boxes, click the Add Subscribers button and that will take you to the field-mapping stage. For more information about this stage, see the Upload a File section of this support article.

Note: If you are adding subscribers and in the list, there is a date field then make sure that dates are in the format of yyyy-mm-dd

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