Regular Email Campaigns: How To Schedule an Email Campaign For a Specific Time?

Last Updated: Aug 18 2016 10:23 am UTC

Step 5 of the email campaign creation process is the delivery step. On the right hand side you can choose to whether send the campaign now or schedule it for a later date and time.

To schedule a time and date to send an email campaign:

  • Create a new campaign or open an existing one; 
  • Proceed to Step 5- Delivery of the campaign creating wizard;
  • In the "Choose when to send this campaign" part you can define the scheduled date and time. 

Click the Calendar icon to open the Date and Time picker;

Use the available controls to select the required month, and then click the day on which you want to send the campaign. Note that the selected date appears in the box to the left of the Calendar icon;

  • Slide the Hour and the Minute controls to set the time at which you want to send the campaign. Note that the selected time appears in the box to the left of the Calendar icon;

When you have specified the required date and time, click Done to close the Date and Time picker;

  • Choose Time Match if you want to send the campaign at a specific time in every country (based on time zones);

Click Schedule Sending. The campaign appears in your list of campaigns, with the campaign status of Scheduled.

Note: After you have scheduled a campaign, you can cancel the schedule by clicking Cancel sending at the bottom of step 5 of the campaign creating wizard.

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