Customize Other Web Forms: How to Setup and Customize a Confirmation Thank You Email

Last Updated: Jan 11 2018 07:41 am UTC

The Confirmation Thank You Email is sent to subscribers after they have confirmed their subscription to your list.

To setup and customize a confirmation thank you email:

  1. Select the Web Sign up Forms Option from the Lists Menu. This will open the Form and Email Design Wizard

  2. The first step is to select the Confirmation “Thank You” Email from the Mailing List Drop Down.

After you have selected the Confirmation “Thank You” Email you can make changes to the behavior or design of your page through the Resource Settings section or the Design Settings section.

Resource Settings

The Resource section of the Form and Email Design Wizard provides you a way to specify the email settings such as title and recipient details:

  • Title—the title of the form. By default, this will be the same title as the list.
  • From—the name of the sender. This is auto-populated with a merge tag of the Sender's Name currently selected for your list. For more information about sender names, see the support topic, “How to Change Your Sender Names.”
  • Reply-To—the reply-to address of the sender. This is auto-populated with a merge tag of the Sender's Email address currently selected for your list. 
  • Subject—the subject of the email. This is auto-populated with the merge field representing the first and last name of the subscriber and a default subject.
  • Language—use the drop-down to select the language for the email.


The WYSIWYG panel shows you a real-time representation of your form or email as you are working on it. Changes you make to fields, labels, colors, sizes, images, etc. are reflected as you make them.

Editing Text

You can edit any of the text in the WYSIWYG panel of the “thank you” page by clicking on the Edit Icon. This will open the Edit Content window.

The Edit Content Window is a WYSIWYG editor with similar features that you would find in a word processor. Through this editor you can:

  • Change the font formatting (bold, italic, underline, or strike-through)
  • Modify the font justification (left, center, right, and justified)
  • Select a font format (such as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.)
  • Choose a font family (such as Arial)
  • Select merge tags to include from your list
  • Change the font size
  • Change the font color
  • Highlight fonts, and
  • Even apply a customized CSS to highlighted text.

When you are finished making changes to the text, you can click the Save Changes to commit them (which will close the window and return you to the Form and Email Design Wizard) or you can click the Cancel Link to cancel your changes and close the window. 

Note: You are limited to 300 characters of text.

Saving Your Changes

When you have finished making your changes, click the Save Changes Button at the bottom of the editor window.

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