Customize Other Web Forms: How to Setup and Customize an Unsubscribe Form

Last Updated: Jan 11 2018 07:42 am UTC

To setup and customize an update profile  form:

  1. Select the Web Sign up Forms Option from the Lists Menu. This will open the Form and Email Design Wizard

  2. The first step is to select the list from the Mailing List Drop Down.

  3. Next, select the Unsubscribe Form from the Resources Drop Down.

After you have selected the Unsubscribe Form you can make changes to the behavior or design of your form through the Resource Settings section or the Design Settings section.

Resource Settings

The Resource section of the form design wizard provides you a way to specify the form settings such as title and description:

  • Title—the title of the form. By default, this will be the same title as the list.
  • Description—the form text that will appear above the text entry field. This should be helpful text explaining to users how to unsubscribe from the list.
  • Button—the name of the button as it appears below the form. The default value is “update.”
  • Profile Button —Enter the text for the link allowing the user to update their information
  • Button Position—use the drop-down to select the placement of the button (left, center, or right)
  • Label—use the drop-down to specify where the field labels will be displayed
  • Language—use the drop-down to select a language for the form
  • Don't show unsubscribe link—click the checkbox to remove the “unsubscribe” link that shows to the right of the button

It's also possible to change the fields that will be shown on the form. You can do this by clicking on the Select Form Fields Link which will bring up the Subscriber Fields Window.

There are a number of changes that you can make to the fields which will affect the operation of your sign up form:

  • First, you can change the order of the fields by clicking the field you want to move and dragging it either up or down the list
  • Second, you can change whether fields are displayed on the form or required by checking the appropriate boxes.
    Note: You can only check the boxes for custom fields. You cannot check the boxes for system fields like “email” and “SMS.”
  • Third, you can edit the label, merge tag, and type of field by clicking on the Edit Link to open the Field Editor.
    Note: Editing fields is covered in more detail under the “List And Field Types” support topic. You can only edit custom fields.
  • Fourth, you can add a new field by clicking on the Add New Field Link. This will add a new custom field title “Unnamed Field” to the bottom of the field list. To change properties, name, merge tag, etc. you simply need to click the Edit Button.
  • Finally, you can delete a field by editing it and clicking on the Delete Field Link.


The design of the Unsubscribe Form​ form will be exactly the same as the Sign up Form (which is the master form) until you make and save any specific changes.


The WYSIWYG panel shows you a real-time representation of your form or email as you are working on it. Changes you make to fields, labels, colors, sizes, images, etc. are reflected as you make them.

Saving Your Changes

When you have finished making your changes, click the Save Changes Button at the bottom of the editor window.

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