Account Manager: I Need To Add Additional Permissions To A User, How Can I Do That?

Last Updated: Aug 18 2016 01:37 pm UTC

To edit a user, go to the User Management section. There you will see a list of users, from there choose the user permissions you want to change and click on the “Edit icon.

Note: You can edit the permissions of a user who has already accepted the invitation.

After clicking on the “Edit” icon you will be redirected to the Permissions Type page where you can make the needed changes. Learn more about permissions in the support article “What are the different types of permissions? What do they stand for?”.

Note: You can't change a sub- user's full name or email address.

There is another way to add or change permissions of a user. The sub-user can request permission to access the specific section of the page by clicking on the “Request Access” button. After the request is made an email will come to your account default email address. To change the permission, you need to accept the request by clicking on the “Change User Permissions” button.

To revoke permissions, click on the “Deactivate button on the right-hand side. After that, the sub-user will no longer have access to the main account.

To activate user that was deactivated before click on "Activate" button.


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