Regular Email Campaigns: Creating A Plain-text Email Marketing Campaign

Last Updated: Jan 29 2018 07:36 pm UTC

You may be wondering why text versions are still relevant to email campaigns. That's because we send all HTML messages in two versions (called 'multipart') - the HTML part allows the use of formatting and hyperlinks, and the other part is a plain text alternative.

If the email recipient has configured the email client to read only plain-text messages, or the email client itself doesn’t know how to display an HTML message, the multipart message can conveniently display the text version of the email marketing campaign.

Nowadays, most email clients can deal with HTML messages, but there are still older phones (such as Blackberry) and command-line clients on which image-free email is still quite common.

To create a plain-text email campaign:

On the toolbar, select Campaigns Create Campaign.

In the Campaign preferences screen that appears, add the following information:

  • For Campaign Title, type in a name for the campaign. Select a name that is going to help you remember the reason for and target of the campaign. Campaign recipients do not see this title.
  • For Message Subject, type in a compelling email subject that recipients will see before they open the email message.
  • Select Plain Text (on the right side of the screen).

Click Next at the bottom right side of the screen.

In the Create Filter screen that appears, select a list of recipients for the campaign, then click Next at the bottom right side of the screen.

You will be then redirected to Templates section. from the right-side menu select Basic layouts and choose Plain text email template. Then type in your message.

Note: The horizontal red line down the center of the screen. That's a guide to help you make sure the text of your email message is no more than 65 characters wide and readable in most email clients. To quickly wrap the text to the left of the guide, click Wrap long lines.

Click Next at the bottom right side of the screen to manage to Delivery step.

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