Regular Email Campaigns: Creating Email Content In HTML Editor

Last Updated: Oct 26 2017 09:37 am UTC

Depending on your needs, you can edit the contents of your email template in one of two editors: WYSIWYG and Drag and Drop. This Quick Start topic introduces you to some of the basic WYSIWYG capabilities, only. For detailed information about the Drag and Drop editor, see Drag and Drop Editor section articles.

Creating an email newsletter is one of five general campaign creation steps:

Your First Email Campaign

  1. Setting up an email marketing campaign
  2. Selecting email campaign recipients
  3. Choosing an email campaign design
  4. Creating email content
  5. Scheduling an email campaign

To create an email newsletter:

In the Create Email screen, edit the newsletter in any way you desire. While you edit paragraphs and headings, experiment with some of the tools in the toolbars.


Here are some basic examples:

Headings: Select some text and apply a heading to it, by clicking then selecting Heading 1 in the list.

Fonts: Change the font of some text by selecting it, then clicking and selecting a font in the list.

Bold, italic, underline: Select text and click, and.

Bulleted and numbered lists: Type three simple words one beneath the other, for example:

  • Red
  • White
  • Green

Select them all, then click bullet icon (for bullets) or numbering icon (for numbers).

Text colors: change text color by selecting text, then clicking the arrow on the icon, and selecting a color from the list.

Click Next at the bottom right side of the screen.

If you wish, insert a link to another web page.

For example: Select some text, then click. In the Link URL field of the window that appears, type in, then click Insert.

When you are satisfied with your edits, click Next in the bottom right corner.

The following message appears:

Click Confirm.

For each campaign, it is mandatory to provide a plain-text email in addition to your HTML email message. If you have not created your own plain-text message, Our platform will ask you if you would like it to create one for you, based on your HTML email. 

The Create Mail screen displays the converted plain-text email message.

Send yourself a test of the email campaign, but clicking at the bottom of the screen.

Click Yes in the following notification message:

Before you conclude your campaign creation, check your spam score by clicking at the bottom of the screen.

The SpamScore check window appears. Scroll down to the end to inspect the spam score:

During the stage of newsletter creation, before you send out your campaign, you can test how likely your letter is to be considered spam. 

Click Close to dismiss the window.

Click Next in the bottom right corner.

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