Create And Customize Web Signup Forms: Creating Your First Web Signup Form

Last Updated: Jan 11 2018 07:39 am UTC

When you create a list in our platform, we automatically generate a series of signup forms and response emails. There are several stages involved in the process of opt-in and unsubscribe, and there is a form or email for each:

  • Normally, visitors choose to join a mailing list (let's say for an email newsletter) by filling an embedded signup form, for example, in your WordPress blog.  Following that, they receive an opt-in confirmation email. Once they have clicked the confirmation link, they are directed to an opt-in thank you page
  • When leaving a list, subscribers click an unsubscribe link that brings them to an unsubscribe form, which redirects them to an unsubscribe success page and also generates an unsubscribe email.
  • There are two additional types of form: an update profile form for updating subscriber details and subscription preferences, and a forward to friend form for sending the signup form to a friend.

You can use Signup Forms screen to customize all the forms and emails mentioned above. Once you've completed your design you can use the share link we provide to direct people to the signup forms.

 To create a signup form:

On the toolbar, select Lists > Web Signup Forms.

In the Signup Forms screen that appears, fill in the following details:

  • Resource. Make sure Signup Form is selected. For more information about other signup form types, see Customize Other Web Forms.
  • Title.  Type in a title that will be visible on your homepage. It is recommended you choose an informative title, for example, Today’s Sports Roundup.
  • Description. Type in a description. This text will remind your users where they subscribed to your list, so it should mention your homepage or products. For example, “ brings you a summary of today’s sporting events.”
  • Button. The label that will appear on the button in the signup form. Type in an action word that tells the subscriber what to do to sign up. “Subscribe” or “Join” are appropriate!
  • Button position. Select the position of the button: left, center, or right.
  • Label. Defines the position of the Email Address, First Name, and Last Name field labels, relative to their fields.
  • Language. The language of the form.
Note how the changes you make are reflected in the web page mock-up on the right-hand side of the screen. You can modify the form further using the Select form fields link (for defining additional fields) and the Colors & design link (for modifying such things as the width of the form, the colors of the texts, and more). 

Click Save Changes.

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