Regular Email Campaigns: Uploading And Editing Images To My Email Campaign

Last Updated: Jan 11 2018 07:43 am UTC

All the email marketing messages you send are sent from our servers. So, for our platform to display an image in your email campaign, you must upload a copy to our server.

To upload and edit an image in your email:

1. In the 3rd step of email creating wizard or in a templates section, choose an email template

2. Click on the Images tab

3. Click on the Moxie manager (Edit Image) icon on the far right

4. Or drag an image from the desktop

5. A Moxie manager will appear

6. Click Choose files. From the file chooser, that appears, click the image you want to upload and click Open. (You can choose multiple files by holding down the Ctrl or Shift buttons as you click.)
The file names are shown in the Upload window.

7. Click Upload 
A thumbnail of the image is shown in the Image Manager window.

8. To Edit Image just click on the Images tab and click on the Moxie manager icon on the far right.

Experiment with the alignment and dimensions of the image and the spacing and border around it. Click Insert to insert the image into your email.

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