Working With Segments: Remove Inactive Subscribers

Last Updated: Jul 01 2016 08:17 am UTC

Inactive subscribers are those recipients which have not opened any email campaigns you have sent.

We suggest removing inactive subscribers periodically to keep them from receiving emails that they clearly do not wish to receive (but have yet to unsubscribe themselves from the list).

To remove inactive subscribers,

  • First, create a segment of the lists from which you wish to remove inactive subscribers. For more information about how to create a segment, see the support topic “How to Create a Segment
  • Second, select an Activity Filter and chose the option “not open” and “date range”
  • Third, specify a time for the date range. We recommend “6 months” but you can choose whichever date range you want.
  • Finally, visit your segments by selecting the Segments Option from the Contacts Menu, click on the segment you created, click on the checkbox to select all users, and select the Unsubscribe Selected Members Option from the Select an Action Dropdown

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