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Last Updated: Feb 21 2018 11:44 am UTC

The Subscriber Profile contains information both about the subscriber as well as their activity and notes.

There are two ways to access the subscriber profile.

First, if you know the subscriber’s name or email address, you can enter it into the search field.

This will display the search results screen.

If the search has yielded any results, clicking on email will open the Subscriber profile.

Alternatively, you can select the My Lists option from the List Menu. This will display all of your current lists.

Next, click on the list title for which you want to view the subscriber’s profile. This will display a list of all the subscribers currently associated with that list.

Finally, click on the View Icon at the end of a row or the email address to open the Subscriber’s Profile.

 The Subscriber’s Profile is divided into four main areas:

  • Subscriber details
  • Activity details
  • Notes
  • Activity history

Subscriber details

The Subscriber Details area contains information about the subscriber. In this area, you can carry out a number of actions against the subscriber by clicking the appropriate link:

  • Edit
  • Unsubscribe
  • Delete
Note: If you unsubscribe a subscriber you will not be able to add it back manually whereas if you delete a subscriber you can.
Note: The image on the left-hand side is automatically populated first through Gravatar and then through Facebook. If an image cannot be located, a default avatar is used.

Activity details

 This area provides information about the subscriber's email activity:

  • Membership status—the current membership status which can include Active (will receive emails and other campaigns), unsubscribed, bounced, and inactive.
  • Subscription date—the date that they subscribed
  • Subscription IP—the IP address from which they subscribed
  • Subscription type—how they subscribed
  • Geo data—from where they subscribed
  • Last campaign—the last campaign to which they were targeted
  • Emails sent—the number of emails that have been sent to this subscriber
  • Emails opened—the average open rate of all campaigns sent to this subscriber.
  • Total clicks—the total clicks on links in all campaigns sent to this subscriber

 This area provides a way to add notes about the subscriber:

  • To add a new note, click on the Add Notes Icon. This will display a pop-up window through which you can enter a 300 character note. When you are finished entering the note, click the Save Button to add the note to the Notes area.
  • To edit a note, click the Edit Icon for the note that you wish to edit.
  • To delete a note, click the Delete Icon for the note that you wish to delete.
Note: Notes are not visible to subscribers. When notes are created, the create date and time are automatically captured.

This area provides information about the subscriber's activity history including:

  • If and when the subscriber data is edited
  • Campaigns that have been sent to the subscriber
  • Emails that the subscriber has opened
  • Links on which the subscriber has clicked
Note: You can easily view the results of a campaign that have been sent to this subscriber by clicking on the View Results link next to the campaign name.

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