Create New Survey: Creating a New Survey Question

Last Updated: Aug 18 2016 12:51 pm UTC

To view Survey questions first Create a new Survey or edit the previous one. If you choose to create a new one, you will be redirected to 1 step. Choose Survey you want to create or choose the existing one from My Templates. 

After that, you will be redirected to step 2. 

To add a question click  on Click here to add a question, text or collect additional data link or simply drag a question block into the builder. 

On the right, you can choose the desired type of your question.

  • Single answer: This option allows only one answer for the question.
  • Multiple answers: This option allows multiple answers for the question.
  • Rate items: This option allows users to answer the question with a rating.
  • Free response: This option allows users to answer the question freely in the text.
  • Contact form: This option adds sign-up fields to your survey. This option is required for adding new subscribers through surveys.
  • Comment block: This option enables the user to leave a comment.
  • Contact form: You can add a subscription form into your survey if you plan to distribute it on your website or social media
  • Page break: Page break will divide each question to a new page.

After choosing question type, you will see a window like this with options listed below the picture.

Question text
Here you can write the desired question, and as well add a logo.

Here you can add as many answers you wish, and add images to the questions.


  • Question is required: Here you can specify whether answering the question is mandatory.
  • Add answer to contact info in database: Here you can choose whether the answer will show up in the database next to the contact. This option requires additional actions - choose the corresponding list and the field you want to save the answer in.
  • ‘Other' option. Respondents can add their answers. If this option is selected, an ‘Other' field will appear when filling in the survey. Here the respondents can supply their answers.
  • Comment field. The respondent can leave a comment. This allows users to leave comments on the survey and leave a longer answer.
  •  Change question type, add text or collect contact list data

Save the question.

In the end, you can create a Thank you message.

Thank You message:

Here you can add a message for those who finished the survey, for example, ‘Thank you for your time. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.'

Survey Options:

  • Survey Title: This field houses the topic of the survey.
  • Survey Welcome Page: Here you can enable or disable the welcome page for this survey.
  • Redirect link: Here you can enter the landing page to which the user will be redirected after completing the survey.
  • Redirect after: Here you can enter the desired amount of time, in seconds, after which the user will be redirected once the survey is complete.
  • Survey available to: Here you can pick whether or not the survey will be available to non-list participants.

When you've finished the survey, click 'Next' and you'll be at the third step.

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