Email Campaign Reports: What Are The Different Types of Email Bounces

Last Updated: Oct 26 2017 10:30 am UTC

Our system handles five different kinds of bounced emails:

  • Hard—these are non-existent emails (i.e., wrong domain, wrong email address, email is blocked, email is inactive)
  • Blocked—these are blocked attempts to send. The blocking happens for a variety of reasons including a content of the email, sender name or email address, server IP or domain blacklisting, inappropriate links, etc.
  • Soft—these are undeliverable emails for a variety of reasons including content rejection, email box is full, email is too big, warning message, email is deferred, server is not available, etc.
  • Temporary—these are delayed emails because of some error at the receiving server. Often times, these emails turn into soft bounce or blocked. In a certain period of time, our system will attempt to re-deliver these emails.
  • Generic—all other bounced emails that do not fit into one of the above categories.

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