Working With Automation Series: What Is Email Automation?

Last Updated: Mar 08 2017 01:55 pm UTC

Usually, you send newsletters and campaigns to a whole list of subscribers in one go, an automated email series is set up once and then automatically sent to a particular individual when that person meets a specific trigger.

To give you an example, a subscriber joins your list and you want to send an email when they signup. You can create automated email or chain of emails based the trigger — signup, and this email will welcome them to your company and show them how to get started with your product or offer a signup gift.

You can set up the email once and then as more people continue to meet the trigger you specified, the messages will continue to be sent to them automatically.

Because email Automation works on a specific trigger you are really only limited in what you can do by your creativity and business needs.

To give you some ideas and to help you get started, we’ve created 3 automation blueprints that you can start with today.

Welcome series
Introduce new subscribers to who you are and what you have to offer - just like in real life when you met someone for the first time.

Educational series
Provide your customers with relevant product information, testimonials and incentives to help them understand your products better.

Win-back campaign (re-subscribe campaign)
If your subscribers disengaging from your brand, show your appreciation and re-engage them with incentives, gifts, or a new product offering.

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