Steps to Create an Email Campaign: Email Campaign Wizard Step 3: Template and Editor

Last Updated: Feb 21 2018 11:24 am UTC

The first part of Step 3 is to decide how you want to build the design for your email campaign. Email campaigns are built through templates. 

You can then select your template from the menu.

The Select Template Window is divided into six sections:

  • My Templates — if you have previously created, uploaded and saved a template, you can find it here.
  • Predesigned Templates — these are the pre-built, fully customizable templates which our system provides with your subscription.
  • Basic layouts — this section contains a blank template, to be filled out and basic template layouts.

If you have coded your own templates, there are numerous ways how to upload them in our system.

  • Archive Import — import a template from an archive file (i.e., .zip, .tar, etc.) which is located on your computer. Click on the button to import your template in our system.
  • Import from URL — click on the button and simply enter the URL to your template.
  • Order a template — you can choose to order a personalized email template, which is made for your specific needs.

Template managment—You can rename and add template categories to find the right template faster.

To move template to a category click on the "+" and drag it to the right category

Once you have selected your template design, click the Use Template to continue to step 4 which is covered in the support topic, “Email Campaign Step 4: Content Editor

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