Create And Import Your First List: Mapping List Columns

Last Updated: Oct 27 2016 01:59 pm UTC

After you have successfully uploaded subscribers, you will now need to map all columns. This ensures you have the data in the right place for further personalization of email campaigns.

To map columns of imported data:

  • Look at the information in each column.
  • Choose the appropriate field name and type.
  • The default field types are Email, First Name, Last Name and SMS.
Note: Field types are important for segmenting. Choose the needed type (either text, number, date etc.) and name the column. More information about field types can be found in the support article List And Form Field Types

If any columns are not needed for the import, click on the delete unnamed columns link, which is located on the top right above the table, to remove the columns

It might occur that some lines contain errors. You can fix every single syntax error by clicking on the pencil which appears in the highlighted fields.

When you are done customizing and editing your list, you will need to click the checkbox to certify your subscriber list. This means you agree that these are subscribers, which have given you their personal permission to send them email campaigns.

After that, you just need to click on the button Import Subscribers and all of the email IDs will be added to your list.

When the upload is done you will automatically be redirected to the list with your uploaded subscribers.

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