Create And Import Your First List: Creating A New Subscriber List

Last Updated: Jan 11 2018 07:35 am UTC

An email marketing campaign is always associated with a list or a list segment. If you do not have a list yet, your first task is to create one, add or import subscribers to it, then segment it - by doing so you can make the most targeted and personalized messages.

List creation process

  • Creating a new list
  • Adding subscribers to a list
  • Segmenting a list

To create a new list:

On the main toolbar, select Lists > My Lists. In the Subscriber lists screen that appears, click the Create a list button in the top right corner.

Fill out basic list details in the Create New List form that appears:


  • List title  — this title will be visible only to you. 
  • Public list title — this is the title which is visible to your subscribers. By clicking on “Change“ link you can enter public list title.
  • Subscription permission reminder — this is a brief text that appears in the footer of your emails that reminds your subscribers how they were added to your list. By reminding your subscribers each time you minimize abuse complaints.
  • Email me when  these are notification settings. Choose when you want to receive updates about changes in your list. The field "to:" represents the email address to which these notifications will be sent. 
  • Manage your list fields and merge tags  click on the button below to manage list fields and their respective merge tags.

Click Save in the bottom right corner.

The Subscriber lists screen reappears, this time displaying the new list.

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